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12-13-2012, 03:11 AM
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Trading for Kovalchuk

I think we had some discussion about this before and I'll start it again.

What would you guys be ready to give for Ilya Kovalchuk? I know, that would not be easy piece to ship out from the Devils, but I think there's a possibility.

There has been constant rumours that New Jersey Devils owner is in financial problems. Kovalchuk's multi-million contract starts hitting those 11 million years first time at this season, if there ever is a season. The first two seasons were cheap, they cost only 6 million a year, lesser than the actual caphit (6.666M).

But now, the hard years are coming. Because Kovalchuk will earn almost 4,5 million over the caphit the next seasons, this could really become a problem for the Devils. They could lower the payroll to be just over the salary floor, but Kovalchuk's real salary always pushes the costs over it by at least that 4,5 million.

They would consider a trade to make the salary situation healthier if the owner is financially in deep problems. With Ilitch's millions this would be easy cake for us.


Why I'm also suggesting this, is that Kovalchuk is one of the best friends of Datsyuk. If Pavel is considering leaving the NHL to Russia after his contract expires at 2014, playing with Ilya for extra few years could change his mind. They are just deadly combo together, we will see then next time this weekend at Euro Hockey Tour with Russian National team.

So, if we could get Kovalchuk ,that could mean few extra years to keep Pavel here. Nothing but a win-win scenario. Left-handed playmaker and the 2nd best right-handed sniper after Stamkos in the league. Deadly, also defensively well, combo.

Kovalchuk has an NMC until 2015, but maybe he would understand the situation and be interested in playing with Pavel.


What the Devils would want? Let's speculate he is available. Partially this is a salary dump, but let's think is just as a factor that makes the trade possible. Without financial problems Devils would never trade him. So that doesn't lower his price. It just makes him available in this scenario.

I think Devils would be interested some goalie prospects, when they try to replace Brodeur. Also Filppula would fit well to their system. Defensive prospect, replacement winger and a winger prospect and a 1st rounder. Would that do it?

1st round 2013
Valtteri Filppula
Goalie prospect not named Mrazek
Tomas Tatar?
Defensive prospect not named Ouellet or Sproul
Drew Miller (I remember there was some talk about him for a defenceman earlier)


Kovalchuk + salary dump from defence


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