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12-13-2012, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
I do not get this concern about the talent pool. The talent pool is not the problem in this league, and has not been a problem in decades.

The real issue is a problem people have with certain styles of play, especially defensive system play like the trap system and the 1-3-1. These systems can be played by any talent level but are associated with low talent levels because low talent teams try to use them to maximize their chance of winning.

The issue here is that fans like scoring, and defensive systems stifle scoring. And, so goeth the abysmal logic, because defensive systems became popular over a period of time, and untalented teams are known to resort to system play to minimize their weaknesses, it must follow that all the teams that played defensive systems were poor in talent.

The logic has the disadvantage of being absolute poppycock, but other than that, it's a perfectly legitimate argument.
Well a turning point was The Stanley Cup final of the Florida Panthers that got them there with a pretty tight defensive system that Roger Neilson gave them. And these guys had nobody. It proved that by following this blueprint you didn't need talent. And it was a dream come true for Bettman's quick ridiculous expansion.

As for the talent pool, kids play less hockey across the board in Canada. And there are far less great players. Hockey has become too costly for poor people and immigrants coming to this country, and too demanding for families in general. Kids are playing less hockey than anytime in history and the mix of costs and demand, if I would have been a kid in 2012 wanting to play hockey, I woulld not have been able to.

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