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12-13-2012, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Davebo View Post
Teams 'not invited' might sue? Shortest. Lawsuit. Ever...

They only exist due to the incompetence of bettman et al. They are welcome to stay in the nhl that created them. I have zero sympathy for those scrubs - who are the primary reason why we have no top level hockey in North America. **** them with a 10' pole! lol

So you think a small league will lead to a better league? Seriously? Just how much money do you think this league will make to be able to pay players?

So lets see what we have here

1. Low revenues
2. A dozen at best teams
3. Massive loss of jobs for NHL players
4. Complete loss of 'Major' sporting status among sports media

Yeah that sounds like a winner to me. Bet the players would be lining up in droves for the 30k a year contracts.

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