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12-13-2012, 03:41 AM
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I just can't understand why Arizona would make this deal. First of all, there is no rationale for it. If you really are bent on trading a young starting pitcher with an incredibly high ceiling, you had better have serious justification for it. Bauer's potential is well-documented, but the fact that he is under team control for a long time makes their decision to trade him even more baffling. The Diamondbacks simply can't compete with the Dodgers and Giants financially; you would think that young pitchers of Bauer's caliber would be highly valuable to them. They obviously did not like Bauer's attitude about changing his routine. But that doesn't mean that they can justify trading him for a weak-hitting shortstop prospect that plays strong defense. Gregorius is certainly a brilliant defender, but his hitting is so weak that he probably will be nothing more than a 2 WAR player, maybe 3 at best. Bauer is likely a 4 WAR player, at very, very worst. With the ability to contend for Cy Youngs. I just can't wrap my head around this deal. The Reds got better (though Choo is potentially an adventure in CF), and the Indians made an absolute killing. Arizona just traded a young starter with legitmate ace potential for the prospect equivalent of Brandon Crawford. They got shafted.

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