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Originally Posted by Diskothek View Post
Pick 3

Victor Cruz @ Atl
Steve Smith @ SD
Sidney Rice @ Buf
Josh Gordon vs Was
Comes down to Gordon and Rice for me. Wilson's been a little better at home, and Washington's pass D is awful, so I'd lean Gordon.

Originally Posted by Trap Jesus View Post
Cobb @ Chicago or Austin vs. Pittsburgh
Pitt has been good against the pass, and Chicago's D has fallen off a bit, so I'd go Cobb.

Miller @ Dallas or Daniels vs. Indy
With Ben back I'd give Miller the nod.

Stafford @ Arizona or Eli Manning @ Atlanta
The Falcons have been great against QBs this year aside from getting smoked by Cam twice, but he's an entirely different animal. The Cards' pass D is overrated. I'd go Stafford.

Originally Posted by MJG View Post
Flex: Ridley, BJGE or Moreno
After that performance last week it'd be tough for me to sit Moreno.

TE: Rudolph or Finley. I can also pick up Sheffler (Pettigrew is Q)
If Pettigrew's out I'd go Scheffler, if not I'd go Rudolph.

Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
Ok im gonna post my whole team again since I have picked up some players , do the best available for this week :

QB: --
RBs ( Pick 2 ) : Matt Forte, Steven Jackson , Knowshon Moreno , Reggie Bush, Jacquizz Rogers
WRs (Pick 2): Brandon Marshall, Marques Colston , Devone Bess , Lance Moore , Mike Williams
TE: --
W/R: Pick 1 of WR or RB that was not used
DEF : NE vs. SF or STL vs. MIN
K : My kicker is the one for Oakland, but Dawson , Prater, Graham, Vinatieri , are all on FA . I know kickers are up and down , should I just stick with the one I got ?
I'd go Forte, Moreno, SJax, Marshall, and Colston. The Rams D has scored quite a bit lately, and the Niners typically don't give up much to Ds, so I'd go with the Rams. As for your kicker, Janikowski just hasn't been good this year. He has good matchups from here on, but I'd probably rather Graham or Prater.

Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Malcolm Floyd or James Jones
Floyd has a great matchup and Jones has slipped of late. I'd go Floyd.

Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
I have no idea what to do with my RBs. I have Richardson, Ballard, Wells, and Rodgers. Obviously going to play Richardson. Ballard has a bad matchup (vs HOU) and Wells and Rodgers aren't solid options. Do I go with Ballard or look to the waiver wire for someone like Wilson or Powell?
I mentioned this in the other thread, but grab Wilson quick. He's a phenomenal start this week if Bradshaw's out, which is very possible. If you can't get him then I'd definitely go Ballard.

Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Fkex: McFadden or Boldin?

I'm leaning towards DMac against the Chiefs...Broncos pass defense is pretty good.
Definitely McFadden.

Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
2 of...

Garcon, L. Moore, Danario Alexander, Cecil Shorts.
Yeah Alexander for sure. If Shorts gets through a full week of practice I'd go with him as you don't know how RG3's health will affect Garcon's production, otherwise I'd go Garcon.

Originally Posted by IslesRock4 View Post
Pick 2:

David Wilson vs ATL
Montell Owens vs MIA
Joique Bell vs ARI
Marcel Reece vs KC
Who would've thought at the beginning of the year that these would be real solid options. Lol. Wilson for sure. Then I'd go Owens. Bell has really seen his workload increase lately, but Leshoure's still the grinder, and in a game they will likely be winning, Bell's looking at closer to an even split. Owens is the only guy for the Jags.

Originally Posted by Mason10 View Post
Luck @HOU or Newton @SD?
I think the Texans D bounces back this week so I'd go Cam (not to mention he's been great lately).

Luck @HOU or Stafford @ARI?
Cards' pass D is overrated, so I'd go with Stafford.

Big Ben @DAL or Russell Wilson vs. Bills?
Wilson's been great lately, but I feel like Ben's the slightly safer play here. Buffalo's been better at limiting QBs lately, and their D in general has actually been pretty solid lately.

Alex Green @CHI or Mathews vs. CAR?
Very jaded Mathews owner here, but it's a good matchup and Green just isn't good. I'd go Mathews.

Pick 2:
Avant vs. CIN
Hilton @HOU
Josh Gordon vs. WAS
Britt vs. NYJ
I like Gordon's matchup. I feel like I've been wrong every week on Hilton, so take it with a grain of salt, but I think Houston's D plays much better this week so I'd sit him. Britt's picked it up of late and the Jets haven't been nearly as good at limiting WRs as they were earlier in the year, so I'd go Britt and Gordon.

Originally Posted by Scotianhab View Post
Luck vs Hou or
Schaub vs Indy
Schaub has been very ordinary aside from his one huge week. I think you gotta go Luck.

Chargers D vs Car or
Ravens D vs Den
Carolina and Denver have given up about the same to Ds this year, but the Ravens have scored more than SD (and Carolina has given up nothing lately) so I'd go Baltimore.

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