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12-13-2012, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Lol his wanting to re-sign here wouldn't depreciate the value, it would almost guaranteed take the name off the table.
Like I said, it would depreciate his value TO EVERY OTHER TEAM. It's great for the Ducks, not so great for anyone else. If you trade for him, you are trading for one year because he if he wants to sign with the Ducks so badly, there is no telling how he is going to feel about re-signing with a team that trades for him.

If that situation takes him off the table, who can blame the Ducks?, but that wasn't the point, I was thinking from the point of view of Boston doing this deal and knowing that Getzlaf really wants to re-sign with the Ducks. They just don't give up what they would for a player who is signed to a 3-4-5 year deal. What most teams would want to give up for a player like Getzlaf in his situationis probably picks/prospects. not a young star player. It isn't worth the risk that he just goes somewhere else after that season, no team gives up a guy like Seguin for an UFA.

Teams usually don't give up a lot for players who probably won't be with their team after one season unless it is mostly picks/ prospects. I know Ryan is involved in this deal as well, and honestly, Ryan is probably the player I would have interest in, not Getzlaf, the Bruins don't need him just to have him leave after one partial season.

That is all just my opinion, but I have a feeling that any team that already has a few centers that they have won the Cup with wouldn't want to give up a young player like Seguin for a rental. I know there are other parts to this deal, but the loss of Seguin for an UFA just isn't smart and Chiarelli is a smart guy, I don't see that ever happening. I also understand how the Ducks would just keep their guys and re-sign Getzlaf, it seems like the best thing for them to do, those guys are not old, they both have years left in their careers, they wouldn't do this deal either.

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