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Originally Posted by shortshorts View Post
Why? I'm curious as why you think so. What have you seen from his play that indicates he has the ability to become a 2nd line C?

The only good thing about your O'Reilly comparison is that they played on low offensive teams. Gaunce and O'Reilly play nothing alike.

Gaunce and O'Reilly played on low offense teams, both are two-way centres. both put up PPG in their draft year, both have issues with their skating, Gaunce is bigger, O'Reilly has better stick skills. Lastly, both are pass first players. They do all the little things right, and play the game at a cerebral level. Nothing alike? I don't think so.

From Gaunce's play in particular, two things make me believe he can be a 2C: His vision and his ability to get to the net. You can flank him with faster, skilled players and he wouldn't drag the line down offensively IMO. He would do the dirty work for them.

One thing to keep in mind is the variation of 2Cs around the league, not what we are used to here. Kesler is a 1C who just so happens to play on the 2nd line. Teams like PHX have a 34 point 2C in Hanzal, or OTT is banking on a 29 point Turris to be their own, or Bozak in TO and so on... Some of these players aren't even good possession players - which Gaunce should be. Thus, if he can manage strong possession numbers and chip in 35 points~ (the cut off for top6 production), he's a 2C for me, and I think he can get there.

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