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12-13-2012, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Is it not telling when all people can come up with are responses linked to "you're just jealous" or "you hate the team so you're just looking for further reasons to dislike them?"

It's so silly. Fans are utterly unable to consider altering viewpoints. Everything must be just as they say it is. A differing opinion can't possibly be motivated by anything other than jealousy

But no, as a Blackhawk fan I don't find myself particularly jealous of St. Louis as far as success is concerned. I think the reasons for that are fairly obvious, so let's not get into them. They are as irrelevant as the "you're just jealous" response is.
so all this sheeps can't understand there are more open-minded, wise men with other opinions out there

Let's put your mind to the test,
Let's switch the whole franchises.
Your Chicago Blues don't have money but are close to be a real contender and your guys may not be skate and fight and hit like maniacs night in night out and play pretty good, successful hockey
Now you say its too boring, you don't watch em and their trap anymore? You wouldn't even follow em in the Stanleycup finals?

I tell you, you aren't jealous and you don't have to be, Hawks have a great team. You just don't like the Blues.

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