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12-13-2012, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Lets all have a breakdown, together.

Anyway, I am told we can always just trade Pouliot for Tarasenko v.2, so there's no trouble.
Your attempt at sarcasm doesn't change reality. Pouliot has done absolutely nothing in his career to make him look like a top 10 pick. Absolutely nothing. Most top players dominate in their post draft year because they are a year older playing against even younger opposition. Not Pouliot.

The amount of rationalization about Pouliot is ridiculous. You can only judge a player by what he is doing right now. In Pouliot's case, he looks like an ok #25 pick but a lousy #8 pick. People would be creaming about Gregorenko high point total if the Pens had drafted him. Faced with reality, the denial on this board is laughable. "You can't judge a player for 4 years" is the big excuse for Pouliot's so-so performance. That's true. That's why you can only judge him by what he is going right now since no one is can read the future very precisely. Otherwise, you might as well draft by throwing darts at a board. When the best you can say about a small offensive defenseman is that he gets into fights, you know you are in trouble.

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