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12-13-2012, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post

you couldn't be anymore wrong about what the NHL needs, or what the NHL "wants". it's been pretty damn clear the NHL wants to grow the game in the US and the only way to do that is to have stakes in America's biggest markets. South Florida is one of them, and is why we were awarded a franchise many moons ago. Atlanta was an entirely different situation so don't even bring it up.

the hockey team loses money, but the organization doesn't. if cliff viner relocates the Panthers, AOC & SSE cease to exist.

It might surprise you to find out that the NHL consists of businesses whose main goal is the selling of hockey. In a follow-up post you claimed that "it's all creative accounting. making the panthers a loss leader. it hasn't even been mentioned here that exaggerating the panthers losses also benefits the organization thru NHL revenue sharing." I'm sure the players would appreciate an admission that the Florida franchise is possibly being used to show a loss that reduces their overall take of HRR. The Panthers existence doesn't really act as much of a benefit to them if your claims are true. Surely the league partners would also be interested as well to find out that a partner is perhaps exaggerating losses in an effort to extract more revenue share money from teams that actually earn versus take - if your claims are true that is.

It matters little in the grand scheme to the league if AOC & SSE were to cease to exist - given that the league partners receive little of those profits to begin with. In fact, basis your theory that the league needs to grow the game in that region, it seems then that they've a potential burgeoning failure on their hands if growth of the hockey business is used as a defining metric - given that the Panthers television ratings are absolutely tiny, as are their miniature annual gate receipts of just $25 million annually (as per Forbes). Not much growth to be found there in fact. That the organization shows annual losses north of $10 million after receiving millions in annual revenue sharing speaks to the weakness of the underlying business. There is a difference between the pursuit of illusory growth (see: Florida Panthers) and actual growth. If the NHL was truly seeking financial growth then they'd probably ditch the franchise that costs the players from an HRR perspective, and costs the league from a revenue perspective annually, and would replace it with a guaranteed money maker elsewhere (see: GTA, QC).

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