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12-13-2012, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
I actually watched 75% of the Nets / Knicks game last night.... The last 5 minutes in basketball is great when it's a close game... the other 43..'meh.
Awhile back i heard the best idea for basketball.. give em 100 points each and play a 5 minute game. This is pretty much it. I can watch the c's play but i still flip through the channels.

Originally Posted by ODAAT View Post
Think there should be a Cup awarded to the team who wins it all during a lockout.....called the GB cup, half the size of the real and legit Cup, that's how I feel about a BS half season
If the bruins win would the duck boats just circle the parking lot outside the garden?

Originally Posted by Looch View Post
I'm with you! Oh wait, they already have my 30k for next year

I was the ignorant one to roll it over. I really thought there would be at least a partial season this year. I obviously gave the owners and players way to much credit. Apparently they are just as stupid as I am. Gamble big, lose big.
Thank god I did option 2.. if the season it cancelled i get refunded and i'm not stuck into prices next season. I'm probabley not gong to renew anyways since i got too many bills and i'm trying to move out with the gf this august. We'll see it better be a good deal if not i'm out. And if they do have a season i'm selling as many as i can.

Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Sell em, make a profit, buy no beer, no merchandise.
Done, done, and done. I'll be going to McCann's if i drink before a game or other bars in that area. I'm sad to see the penalty box is gone.. i loved that **** hole.

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