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Originally Posted by shortshorts View Post
The only good thing about your O'Reilly comparison is that they played on low offensive teams. Gaunce and O'Reilly play nothing alike.
Actually they are quite comparable in terms of their strengths and weaknesses in their draft season as well as you guys mentioned their situation on low scoring teams.

If you watched OReilly in his draft year, there were serious concerns with his skating and technique. A few OHL followers questioned its ability to translate to the NHL or any pro level. The next concern was his upside. Most only saw him as a 3rd line C at the next level because he played such a solid defensive game and had some questions of his offense translating. Sound like someone? By the end of his draft season, ROR was seen as one of the best defensive Fwds in the OHL.

Their similarity is also the type of game they play in the OHL. Both grind it out, strong defense first. Their biggest strength at the time was their hockey IQ and ability to read the play. But where they differ offensively is Gaunce's shot and RORs hands in their draft year. I'd also say ROR is more of a pass first player than Gaunce, but both were known as playmakers in the OHL. Also, both are extremely well conditioned players.

I think it's simple to say, for draft year comparables, ROR is a good one. And this is why it is a well used comparison for ppl who follow the OHL. You can however debate who he is more similar to for long term projections as RORs development just skyrocketed after the draft.

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