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Originally Posted by SeenSchenn2 View Post
As an aside: What skates do you guys currently use? I'm in the market for some new ones. Also, I'm looking for a reasonable price, I'm too old to go farther in hockey
Frequency 1-2 a week, but high level
Do you have a particular brand that you like or fits your foot better than others? I use the Bauer X:60 LE's right now. What I suggest is looking for skates that were top of the line a couple years ago, but are on clearance to make room for the newer skates. Just looking on hockeymonkey here but these are the best deals:

Easton EQ50 $270:

Reebok 11K $330:

And boy, these skates are ****ing sexy:

Originally Posted by kamosko View Post
Not that I would, but how much could I get for this stick?

It's a Bauer Supreme Total One, but I'm not sure if I'd need some kind of way to prove it was actually his.

It has his name as part of the design of the stick but I'm not sure if that proves it or not.
Does is it say Pro-Stock anywhere on the stick?

Is it red instead of the retail yellow where those lines are?

Instead of "P91A Staal" it should say like "12 Staal".

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