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06-01-2006, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Tricolore#20
If Lecavalier is truly available, IMO the Canadiens have to find any way possible to make a deal happen. Our team really doesn't get any respect out there from anybody around the league (don't you get that sense?), and it will take a guy like Lecavalier to maybe turn that around. We need an impact player. It really frustrates me that we've been toiling in this state of mediocrity for the past decade. Sure, they'll tell you we've been building, but we need a young impact player, and the sooner we get it, the better. While we have a solid group of young players, none of them will be a hall of fame type player.

I just get a sense from every media person in the league that they feel the Canadiens aren't legit, because they don't have a superstar (Koivu and Kovalev are great, but they aren't top 10 players in the game). If we add Lecavalier, we add a legitimate Stanley Cup winning, impact player, and we will earn finally earn back some respect.

After watching the Rocket, my desire to see Lecavalier wear the Canadiens sweater has grown. When the Boston police was looking for the Rocket, the way Lecavalier stood up (as Beliveau) and protected him and the Canadiens really gave me the sense that Lecavalier will be the perfect Canadiens player. I know its a movie, and part of it is acting, but it was an unbelievable image, and I hope it becomes reality one day.

Of course, this is all a pipe dream. Despite their salary concerns, I have a tough time seeing the Lightning unload one of the faces of their franchise. They could find other ways around it, even at the expense of success, to fit these lucrative players in.
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