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12-13-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by New Liskeard View Post
This is very obvious, i;m not sure how any Nucks fan can't see this. You do realize the age Lou was when he signed this contract? Cannucks fans were able to enjoy the best years of this lengthy contract and cap hit while Lou was in his prime. It is the length of the contract that made the cap hit so appealing when he was younger, the opposite holds true as he gets older. Whoever takes on Lou (if that even happens) is taking on all the risk, not withstanding the financial burden as well. All signs point to the cap being lowered, to expect a team to take that contract and cap hit off vancouvers hands, add a premium return, and not give any cap space back is beyond ludacris. Haven't heard or seem one person say they like the contract/cap hit/term other than Nucks fans. Funny how that works
The guy signed 2 years ago.

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