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12-13-2012, 10:24 AM
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Got carried away at Target and now I need to quit my job or something to make a dent in my current game load:

Batman Arkham Asylum: solid fun game but its getting a little easy/repetitive. Still very good though I'm just playing too many games

Infamous 1: Crushed right through the first area of the city, beat that boss then put it down. I've been too busy to open it back up. Also very fun game but I was demoralized ending in a new area and not being able to get back hahah

Fall Out NV: Odd putting this here. I had almost the whole game beat and did everything but I went to the Old World Blues add on with a 12 MB + save and it glitches every 2 minutes. I googled that and found that was a common issue. I will need to restart my game and go their earlier.

Just Cause 2: Shouldn't really be here; barely started it and I haven't played in while. Too over whelmed with the others.

Assassins Creed 2: Almost done

Bioshock 1: Half way through

New Games:

Mass Effect 3: Pulled through my ME2 player and I have just gotten through the Turian moon part and picked up my favorite team mate. I have a question on this: Are any of the DLCs worth it?

Also just bought Dishonored and Skyrim but haven't started them yet. I will not allow myself to open either until I make some headway above.

That is so many games... good thing i have some vacation saved up.

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