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12-13-2012, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
30 teams, +/- 700 players... no need to have as many possible owners.

stop with that "so do others" stuff, all you're showing is that you have no clue how it is to play sport at a very high level.
No one said you needed to have as many owners, but you do need enough to be willing to pay 100s of millions to buy and then run a franchise. Far, far fewer of those types exist than people capable of playing hockey at a high level.

I do not have to "stop" with the "so do others" stuff because I do know what it is like to do a physical "sport" at a fairly high level, just not hockey. I have been very successful in the Martial Art I have trained in for 27 years and completely understand the difficulties, challenges, and enjoyments involved in doing such. No, I do not fight professionally, but that was my choice, not due to any failing. The FACT that people in OTHER professions train as hard as athletes, but in a DIFFERENT manner seems to hurt your feelings. I am not sure why, but you might want to ratchet back the hero worship and try to understand that there are people who choose to go to university and succeed at it who work as hard as people who become professional athletes. Do I mean everyone who goes to university? No. There are plenty who go and fail, drop out, or skate through with minimal effort. You get the same type of people who choose to try and make a professional career in a sport, as well. The thing is, those are usually the ones who do not succeed. The people who go to university and succeed, have made the same kinds of sacrifices, taken similar types of risk related to whether or not they will succeed in their chosen profession, as any hockey player. I wish you could try, at least TRY, to understand that reality.

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