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12-13-2012, 11:02 AM
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I think Im the only person who had a bad experience with Teksavvy.

There was a problem with the cable line coming into my house, which meant I needed someone to come to my house and fix it, which meant I had to call Teksavvy who had to call Rogers on my behalf to fix it, who would just dick them around and send someone 7 days later who wouldn't even fix it. Every time I called Teksavvy it was a minimum hour and a half wait on the phone at that time.

Long story short I bought a modem, paid several months of service, spent probably 40 hours of time dealing with it, never had internet for longer than 12 hours, and they wouldn't even discount me what I paid. The whole experience cost me like $200.

Eventually i got sick of fighting it and just walked away - I now have Bell Fibe 25 for $30/month. I get 20 down and about 7 up

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