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12-13-2012, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
What does that matter? At the beginning of the year sure, this would be an acceptable argument in trying to predict how he'd play, but he's playing right now, and dominating games.
Development. Gally missed that 2nd OHL year and needs to play a full one this year to catch up.

I'm actually really surprised that you aren't inching closer to me on this. It's the best of both worlds really, we get to see him play half a season and most probably WJCs to show that he is 100% healthy and in game shape, like you wanted, and he dominates.
I'm not inching closer to you because I am adopting a long-term vision. We're also not quite in the clear yet with regards to him playing in the WJC if their intention is to call him up when camp begins.

My biggest problem is I hate when a prospect who is doing well is suddenly called up to the NHL during the season and his development is disrupted. It nearly ****ed up Pacioretty in AHL rookie year of 2008-09, as an example. It took him 2 years to recover. And I fear for Leblanc and the idiotic way they yo-yo'd him last season. Gally's a better prospect than those two were/are, but there's a long list of top 10 picks who played at 18 in the league and have not become what was expected (Brule, L. Schenn, Bogosian, Filatov, Bailey, Gagner, Zherdev, Klesla, etc).

I just don't see the rush here. Let Galchenyuk continue on the development path he is on right now, play in the WJC, end the year with 100+ points in the OHL, hopefully win a playoff round if he stays in Sarnia and then end his season in Hamilton if they are still playing. You know, a whole bunch of things he hasn't experienced yet. Then next fall he comes into camp a more confident and accomplished player and should be ready.

Then, we get to see him play the second half in the pros(assuming he does well in camp), like I wanted, while he is already in stride. Really nothing to worry about unless they keep him in Montreal when he's not ready. You know that won't happen.
But here's the thing how will they determine if he's ready or not though? We're looking at a 5-7 day camp. Everyone says there won't even be an exhibition game. There might be 2 scrimmages. They'd be making a decision based on 3 or 4 days of practice!

So basically he would need to play games to truly determine if he's ready or not. Which means he starts the season in Montreal.

What if they give him the 9 game trial and puts up 4 points but isn't that effective overall? The media/fans will make this a major soap opera in the days leading up to the decision and there'll be tons of pressure on the organization to keep him up, especially if the alternative is the despised Rene Bourque in the top 6. It will be the Latendresse situation all over again basically.

I'd rather just avoid all of that.

With all due respect, watching the games does. He is absolutely too good for the OHL at this point.
Fair enough, I can't watch them like you can, but I do know the opinion that he's beaten up on a lot of the bad/average teams and hasn't been as good against the high end OHL teams is shared by several who have watched his games on this forum.

And that would be purely from a performance and development standpoint.
Which is a good chunk of what we are arguing about.

I'm hard-pressed to remember a time that such a high profile prospect proved he was ready to play in the NHL and was held back in junior due to planning ahead 4 years on the salary cap. This isn't baseball.
Obviously it wouldn't be just for the cap down the road. Above all this is about developing him the right way. However, there's also starting his UFA clock a year early if you keep him up. That matters.

I would argue that Florida left Gudbranson and Huberdeau in junior months after they were drafted in part because of UFA/Cap/contract reasons, for one.

And how many high profile prospects played all but 8 games the year before? This is a unique situation.

If Bergy can't work the cap to get Gally signed and still have a contending team around him, then he needs to be fired right now. He's already got Price, soon to be Subban, Pacioretty, Plekanec. Getting Gally for 6M on his second contract, as you infer, means he will be a superstar in the league, so I really don't see any way that his salary would be a burden to us.
It wouldn't be a ''burden''. But I'd rather have him at 3.2 M for 2015-16, when by then I would hope we are a good team and we are looking for impact pieces to complete the squad (which means we need cap room) and the following summer the increase to Galchenyuk will be easily paid by the big money deals expiring, then have him at 6 M+ for that season because we just had to have him play 40-50 games in a shortened 2012-13 season.

Every dollar adds up.

If he is in Mtl, he will get his on the PP. Most talented forward we have, no doubt.
Giroux was #1 in the league last year with 38 PP points.

In basically half as many games and considering he's a rookie, how many do you think Galchenyuk could put up on the PP? I think 10 to 15. If he's on the PP, that means someone like Eller isn't. How many would Eller put up with that type of PP time? Probably at least 5-7 if he's playing with Plekanec and Gionta on the 2nd unit. The difference in production isn't big.

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