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12-13-2012, 10:17 AM
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This is a random health related question, but has anyone here experienced any nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, or chronic tingling/numbness in arms and legs? If so, did you have any particular treatments/medications that worked?

The reason I ask is because I have been dealing with these types of symptoms on right arm and leg (in addition to swollen lymph node and vericose veins on right leg) since last March. I had a freak infection of cat scratch fever (yeah apparently it's not just a Ted Nugent song) that was difficult to diagnose because I didn't have any visible scratches. We had adopted a kitten off the street and he must have infected me.

Anyway, I was treated for the infection and the symptoms (crippling headaches, giant lymph node, pain in leg) initially went away, but over time the numbness tingling came back and spread. Doctor thought I had neurological cat scratch and treated as such. Symptoms initially went away and came back again. It's now been almost a year since initial symptoms and have seen 2 neurologists, infectious disease doc, and spent 3k on tests (2 mri's, emg, spinal tap followed by crippling headaches and blood patch to stop them) and they still can't figure out what's wrong other than I had 2 inflamed nerves in my brain and likely some in my arm and leg which causes pain. I also had one incompetent neurologist continually insist I had carpel tunnel on my right hand which is bull**** since I'm left handed and rarely use my right arm for those type of activities.

I'm at the point where there really isn't a diagnosis but I need to treat the pain. It's kept me from running, playing hockey, exercising, and living life the way I want/used to. Alcohol of course makes it worse so I haven't been able to enjoy all of the craft beers I love, but I'll settle for exercise over booze.

I'm only 26 and really getting frustrated. I feel like this is consuming my life and the doctors aren't really taking me seriously since I look healthy in the exams and tests other than the lymph node (which they claim can take over a year to go down) and bulging veins on my leg which is likely a symptom of the node but is painful none the less.

Not looking for a pity party but just curious if any have experienced these symptoms and if their doctors prescribed any particular treatments that seemed to help. Thanks.

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