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12-13-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
Did the OP ever consider that 1) even had there been a settlement in time for December hockey, that the WHOLE SCHEDULE would have to be re-done, and that it was just as likely that the new schedule wouldn't have had a 12/12 date on it, or 2) even if the season had started on time, that games are moved a day here and there not infrequently?

This is evidence of exactly nothing.

Actually, no, the league gives itself ten days roughly to get in a short training camp and to re-open. A schedule for a regular season is prepared months ahead of time, with the main issue being arena availability, plus the emphasis on grouping road trip games for teams to minimize travel. It's not that easy to just move things around, especially with about a week to work it out.

What the league would do is probably pick up the remainder of the existing schedule and then add games at the very end, or back-to-backs if the arena was available and both teams' schedules allowed it.

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