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12-13-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
If the bolded are something you are looking for, then you might as well stop watching

There might be one southern relocation in the next few seasons but that's it. That and re-alignment and the rest will be the same.
I see it from canadian folks with the hostility towards southern and western markets but you'd think a Penguins fan with how close this team came to relocating due to failure to fill the building and make money would at least have a little understanding that excitement and winning fills buildings and makes money, not simply just having a hockey team.

Those southern and western markets are the only thing that is ever going to bring the NHL into any sort of relevancy in the sports world. Those markets bring revenue now into the league with their increased tv deal due to the markets they're in. And also down the road lead to huge gains in future revenues that take decades to develop but have much larger financial windfalls.

Another issue is athletes, even up north a very athletic individual will be pressured to play a lot of different sports. Mostly though they tend to go with Football or Basketball and abandon the other sports, some do baseball too as that has lost a lot of footing in america in recent decades. Hockey is an afterthought, the best athletes in America are simply not playing Hockey and it's largely due to the potential money vs the other big sports and the national acceptance of the sport in general. Having the sport be a northern/canadian only sport only further puts the sport into a niche category and makes for even less Americans playing the sport.

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