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When Atlanta moved to Winnipeg, the NHL saw the revenue of this franchise jump from ~$40M to $~$105M. An increase of $65M. They got rid of a problem and made more money in the process.

If all the NHL cared about was growing the American market, why didn't they move the Thrashers to an American city? Why didn't the NHL buy the Thrashers and keep them in Atlanta until they could find an owner? Because in the current situation in Atlanta it was a money loser and because there isn't anyone in the U.S. willing to buy a team at this time. Don't think for one second Bettman didn't put out all his feelers trying to find someone, somewhere to take the Thrashers and keep them in the U.S. Problem was nobody with real money to lose put up their hands.

As far as it being a retreat, it's neutral. The TV executives have spoken. They signed their 10 year TV deal and not having Atlanta ( or even losing Phoenix ) makes no difference to them. The NHL doesn't see putting a team in Winnipeg as having any affect on long term deals the NHL needs to make, otherwise the Thrashers never would have moved to Winnipeg.

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