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12-13-2012, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
As a Winnipegger, I do take that as disrespect because you are saying that my city is not good enough to be in the NHL. How else do you want me to take that? To me, that seems very hypocritical of you. This is the exact attitude from the US that I'm talking about: how it's all about the US now and screw Canada. Well, comments like this make me not want to see anymore teams in the US, especially the south.
He's talking about the longterm marketability of the sport and league. Simply put, Atlanta was a major piece of the southern expansion push. Giving up on it and it's tremendous potential media market in favor of Winnipeg was clearly not what the NHL wanted for its longterm goals.

Winnipeg simply cannot offer to the NHL and it's longterm expansion the same exposure that Atlanta could have. It's really not a knock against Winnipeg to suggest that it isn't some massive media market. It can potentially be a small market niche city for the NHL akin to Edmonton, but doesn't possess the major marketing opportunities of Atlanta. It's not offensive to simply state a fact like that.

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