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06-01-2006, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by jcpenny
No BG wont do that, in the New NHL no RFA is worth going after because draft picks are more valuable than ever.
I don't agree. Draft picks are not worth more than a young proven player. The whole point of draft picks is to get lucky and end up with a young proven player.

I'd be reluctant to part with 4 1st rounders and 8 million for any player, but there's a lot of young RFAs that I would gladly trade a 1st and 3rd rounder for. Wouldn't you trade the 20th and 80th picks for a guy like Ruutu, for example, even with his injuries?

It's been said before, but what we'll probably see as a result of the Richards and McCabe and other superstar contracts is increased competition for lower end guys. If Havlat wants 5 million, but the Senators can't afford it and refuse to trade him, why wouldn't a team with cap space make an offer? The point of the RFA offer sheet system is to prevent teams from hoarding talent at the expense of a player's career and league parity. Even moreso under a league-wide cap.

If anything, the so called gentleman's agreement among GMs seems to be: pay your RFAs well and for long-term (like Nash and Richards previously). It just doesn't make sense to both "overpay" your RFAs, causing a ripple effect throughout the league, and then turn around and tell other GMs not to drive up the price of RFAs by making offer sheets.

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