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12-13-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I think these exclusions are limited to playoffs, which understandably aren't predictable.

You're also overlooking the logistical aspects of the scheduling. (Hint: look up Daly's comments on the potential realignment wrt to Winnipeg, or the relocation of Phoenix or Atlanta). The NHL has a cutoff date for teams to submit arena availability dates for upcoming season scheduling.
So, your claim is that the 48(?)-game schedule played in 1994-95 was just a truncated version of the 82(?) game schedule originally set?

Interesting, as the original schedule had interconference play and the schedule as played was devoid of interconference games....

Face it, there's a major difference between the "normal" scheduling process you're talking about and the scramble to re-make a schedule after a work stoppage.

Now, the dates on the re-made schedule are LIKELY to be in alignment _as much as possible_ with the original schedule, for the reasons you're saying, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to make every team's home schedule identically mirror the original schedule in a reduced season. Trust me, I know this -- I've been through more than one mid-season schedule re-jigger due to teams folding at the minor-league level.

You're just flat out wrong here.

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