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Originally Posted by frostyflo View Post
so all this sheeps can't understand there are more open-minded, wise men with other opinions out there

Let's put your mind to the test,
Let's switch the whole franchises.
Your Chicago Blues don't have money but are close to be a real contender and your guys may not be skate and fight and hit like maniacs night in night out and play pretty good, successful hockey
Now you say its too boring, you don't watch em and their trap anymore? You wouldn't even follow em in the Stanleycup finals?

I tell you, you aren't jealous and you don't have to be, Hawks have a great team. You just don't like the Blues.
You're ignoring something I've said multiple times already. I've acknowledged that of course people will not find their own team boring (especially when their team is winning, as both the Blues and Rangers are). So in your example, of course I'd watch this hypothetical favorite team of mine play. I'd tune in to every game just like I've done in the real world with my actual favorite team.

Does that somehow disqualify me from stating which other teams I like and don't like to watch? I don't understand what the point of your example was.
I have no reason to dislike the Blues. I became a Blackhawk and hockey fan after the heated rivalry between the two died down, and while it's recently gotten much testier, it's not back yet.
By your logic, I must hate the Rangers too. A team that's irrelevant as far as the Blackhawks are concerned, because they're in a different conference... no, I feel nothing negative toward NY, beyond my feeling that they're not particularly fun to watch. I feel the same way about New York as I do St. Louis. Not like I'm presenting a viewpoint relevant to this thread or anything like that.

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