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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Boston and Bay Area, DC before atlanta.
Not true from the perspective I'm talking about.

You need to hit the media where it lives. More of the media lives in Atlanta than lives in New England or the Bay Area. Purely from a HRR standpoint yes, those other three markets outrank, but not from a media standpoint. Washington's never been a media-critical place to make a stand from a sports standpoint, but Atlanta has since the day Ted Turner used his media empire to make the Braves a national team. You absolutely need a presence in that town, and to hope that ownership eventually figures out how to make it there.

Put it this way. You'd be surprised how many marketing decisions are made by media companies based at least partly on the personal, anecdotal experience of their own executives. It tends to be the tiebreaker in any close call for obvious reasons. If those executives have no chance of watching a local NHL game, but can watch MLB, NBA and NFL at will, there's no way the NHL can sell itself to that company as a rival of the NBA, MLB and NFL. You basically take a series of competitors to bid for The Big National Media Deal, right off the board if you don't have a presence in towns where the media types gather.

Even a mediocre Atlanta team with at least some likeability has a chance to put the sport on the map of executive boardrooms of the media companies that HQ in the town it plays in. That's pure money, and walking away from it in favor of yet another midsize Canadian town, even if it does better at the gate, is still a huge loss

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