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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
Another way of looking at that is that the PA still believes that there is a drop dead date for the league and feeling like the league won't budge right now doesn't mean that they think the league won't eventually budge. The PA has worked off a notion that there is a deadline and their gamble is working all the way to that deadline to get as much as they can.

Which raises the question, the PA constantly says that the league has a deadline and they planned it this way all along...however, with the PA saying that they haven't received the league's best offer yet and guys like Ovechkin saying 'it seems like our plan is better than their plan', doesn't that also suggest that the PA had a deadline in their minds all along and that the plan was to ride it as far as it could go. Doesn't that mean the PA is guilty of the same thing they accuse the league of? Not the first time they've been caught saying or doing something contradicting, but just pointing it out.
Yep, that is another realistic way of looking at it, and I do think that is how far Fehr is pushing it.

That's why I really wish Bettman would have held firm sooner and mean it rather than saying they wouldn't budge on their offers, only to give more. It might have inadvertantly caused Fehr to drag this out longer (unless some owners hoped it would drag on to lose less revenue), and despite all the blame Fehr is getting, what negotiater wouldn't hold out longer if the other side kept giving more? People are talking about cost-benefit analysis, but that really only affects the players' pay this season. Fehr appears to want to take care of players in the long-term, so he's getting every dollar he can back.

I hope Bettman does announce a drop-dead date here soon, and really mean it, because that should help a deal get done no later than that date if the PA really intends to agree to a deal. We might go right up to it, but that wouldn't surprise me anyway.

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