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12-13-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
You know that's not a fair response. The Average Joe's income has zero bearing here.

By limiting contract length you're taking an arrow from the GM's quiver, you're limiting the amount of security a player can secure, and you're doing it all because you don't/can't trust your fellow owners or craft free-market language to solve the problem. It's lazy and punitive. I honestly can't see why anyone, pro-owner or not, isn't against this. Why can't the owners find another way to solve this problem - it's their problem!
The owners and player are gonna share half of the revenues. It's the leagues problem, but the players also will have to share the responsibility of help keeping their own contracts in check.

Yes owners give/pay those contracts out, but the players are the one who probably demand that to be stuck in a weaker market at that point. Restraint has to come from both parties, if not, then a measure has to be put into place and here we are.

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