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12-13-2012, 12:07 PM
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Rinks are so much more common everywhere now than even back as recently as 20 or so years ago. Even down south in Florida you can find an ice rink much more readily and street hockey is also a thing to get into there as well. Yeah up north you have the possibility of playing on a pond but that is a rarer and rarer occurance as it takes a lot of things going right for that to happen. You need a few days of sub 32 degree weather with no snow before that to ensure a nice frozen surface. That rarely happens during the winter and there's maybe a handful of days that you can actually play on a pond during a winter, at least around here that's the case. So with the rinks being everywhere and street hockey being easy to play I don't see at all why the sport can't succeed in warmer climates, theres really not much of an advantage in the north other than a handful of days a year that you could potentially play on a pond.

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