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12-13-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCrazed101 View Post
Assuming Dreger is correct about the league's 'take it or leave it but we can actually negotiate off of that' offer, perhaps 7 year deal isn't a problem. It's clear that the league wants to include something in the way of contracts to give home teams some sort of advantage in resigning their players. Is that point something that they will lose an entire season over? I don't know. However, the league has already put the notion of a 7 year max length on the table (the advantage to home teams for their players).

Again, assuming that Dreger's tweet has some merit (and he seems pretty plugged in with NHL sources), perhaps the NHL's current take it or leave it is a way for the PA to stop beating around the bush and start negotiating off the league's framework. For example, the league is trying to close as many loopholes with the contracts and back diving, etc. The PA puts a proposal on the table that on the surface agrees to that principle but their solution is to find other loopholes to manipulate to create the same problem the league wants to eliminate. Of course that isn't going to fly with the league. League wants a 5% variance (or more realistically, they may not mind a higher variance but they don't want it to be too high) so the PA's solution? How about we apply no variance to contracts that are 5 years or shorter but in years 6-8, we can then apply a variance of a maximum of 75% from year 1 to the last year of contract. The league says, we want to increase our share and reduce our costs outside the system. What is the PA's solution? Oh, how about we cap escrow and introduce amnesty buyouts that all come out of the league's end (hence outside the system).

Perhaps there is flexibility in contract length (maximum of 7) and variance (5 or higher - and this is where you can give the home team the advantage with a greater variance to work with). I think it's possible that the league's line in the sand isn't actually the contents of their offer but rather the structure of their offer itself. The contents can probably be negotiated if the PA chooses to do so.
There you go! You can act for the owners and I'll be on for the players and we'll sign the deal this afternoon. My $500,000 bill will be sent to the NHLPA this afternoon.
Now if only we could figure out some way to bridge the gap between a 10 year CBA wanted by the NHL and an 8 year CBA wanted by the PA. That's going to be a tough nut to crack that we're each going to need about 10 lawyers to resolve. If only there was a simple solution.......

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