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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Bettman and Daly screamed and yelled about getting a proposal from the players in writing. Any proposal. They get a 2nd proposal in 3 weeks and Bettman won't even acknowledge it. A proposal which is talking his language. No guaranteed fixed amount. A straight %. Long term CBA. Contract limits. Bettman is playing hard to get and its his way or no way.
They also put in writing reduced escrow amounts (which is the equivalent to raising their % of HRR for the first few years on top of "make-whole") which guarantees a min fixed amount.

As to long term CBA, the NHLPA proposal could be up after just six years.

Now to contract limits... far from what the owners want.

As to the owners, I believe they're not willing to add more to the table. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. It's their money, why should they spend more than what the max they can afford? As to the players, they have the right to stay at home or play in crappy leagues if that's what they'd rather do.

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