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Originally Posted by Therick67 View Post
Sure, and just like clockwork they're locked out again, because the owners apparentley couldn't do some math to see how this would work if things went well.

This league has never had a good business model, maybe at some point the owners could figure one out.

This league has alway worried about the fans they dont have, they better start figuring stuff out because the're going to start losing ones they do.
If you could forecast economic growth and revenue 8 years out you'd be the most popular man in the world. Renegotiating a CBA will always be a part of the sport, there is no escaping it, not in this environment. There will always be lockouts as well because the players unions mission statement is essentially to maximize it's members earnings over the shortest period of time.

I do agree though, the NHL is worried about the customers it doesn't currently have. I also know that all businesses are. It seems you want the owners to come up with a permanent solution but you don't want them to lockout the players because missed hockey alienates the current fans. That's pretty much an impossible task as the owners have to work with the union to create that business model, not independent of it. Any decision they make on the economics must be signed off on by the players.

Are the owners alienating the fans they do have? No doubt they are. So are the players but not agreeing to the CBA to will literally pay each millions of dollars over their career. Owners, unlike players however, are also worried about maintaining the competitiveness between teams which is very very good for the fans it does have. Players don't care, they want to maximize their own returns.

Originally Posted by Mr. Make-Believe View Post
I'm sorry, what?
Goodenow and the PA would not agree to a salary cap. They balked at it throughout to the point where we lost a year of hockey. And now we have the benefit of hindsight, we can look back at this past CBA and see that it was very advantageous for everyone involved. Players made more money. Owners made more or at the very least lost less money. More fans came out to the game and it grew in popularity exponentially. Literally everyone won because at a time when the NHL was suffering badly financially, the owners insisted on a hard cap and locked out the players until they got it.

Players and agents are in it for the immediate payoff. It isn't their job to care about the viability of the sport over the long term. It is in their best interest to get as much money as they possibly can in the shortest time possible.

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