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12-13-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post

I seem to recall the NBA seeming even more hopeless (especially given their insanely convoluted cap rules), when suddenly it all came together. I still think we have an NHL season. Last week's shenanigans were, IMO, the last desperate attempt by both sides to get whatever last scrap they wanted. The players might have missed out on a larger make-whole, but it remains to be seen how much they missed out on.

I'm probably wrong though. Might as well get a subscription to the Raquetball Network when football ends.
and yet most were under the belief that this NHL lockout wasnt under the dire circumstances that we were in 2004/05.
Yet here we are, probably less then a month away from having another season lost.
What makes this whole thing stink is that both sides can drag their collective feet in getting a deal done because they know us fans as suckers will come back in full force like nothing happened. What can the fans do to let both sides know how ticked they are? probably nothing that will get their attention.
Most arenas league wide will be filled regardless.

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