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12-13-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by SuperUnknown View Post
Depends... there's a point where you can't add more. Maybe you can afford a $1000 per month mortgage but couldn't afford a $1010 mortgage. In that case unfortunately for a mere $10 you can't sign on the dotted line.

Acting rationally would likely be to cancel the season right now, try to fill the arenas to the max to earn revenues and then next year to strike a deal where you won't even have to disburse "make whole" as it will only apply to a small minority of players. If you successfully break the union, then maybe you can even get an MLB like shared HRR at 57% owners and 43% players. Doing that would likely shoot up the value of your franchise by 25% so you'd be winning even though revenues are down and you missed some time. Sounds like good business.
I don't agree with that. Under the PA's last offer most teams will make good money this year. Acting rationally would be compromising on the last few issues and starting the season ASAP. That's why I'm optimistic we'll have a season. No rational person would risk the season over these few issues. 30 successful businessmen didn't get that way by letting emotions cloud their judgement. Whatever Bettman's personal views may be I'm confident that the owners will soon instruct him to strike the best deal possible and get the season started. We'll see.

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