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Originally Posted by Brian23 View Post
Because Griffin is a thousand times more affective with only 2 WR sets. I think he's got almost a perfect QBR in them.
I think you forgot to mention, out of play action.

Passing from under center without attempting play action, in must pass situations, like he was when he got popped in the kidney, I don't think its wise to go 2 wide.

Did you know he has a higher pass rating in 3WR sets than E Manning does, who has the luxury of a little better pass pro or better wideouts, still good for 10th best in the league. He is 9th best in 4 wide.

Should we abandon all 3WR or 4WR sets because he dominates the skinny post off play action in 2WR heavy run look oh wait its play action, looking sets?

Basing your entire argument on QB passer rating is a bit short sighted, since that stat is so limited. Cousins had a perfect PR last game. He completed 2 passes. I would guess Griffin's 4 INTs happened in 3 or 4 sets, hurting his passer rating.

Teams buy our PA hook line and sinker. But it not as easily sold with 4 wide, clearly a less heavy run look. Or, anytime we are losing late in games. His job is harder, but he is not failing in those situations. He is young and learning the game, progressions etc, but I for one have no fear of RG3 in shotgun 4 wide, which also uses our teams best depth. Garcon Hank Moss Robinson Morgan, bring em on. Our line is porous if we are 2 wide or 4. At least 4, he has more options.

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