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12-13-2012, 01:26 PM
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Do people not think the NHL has already derived schedules for every scenario already?

I would bet at the time they did original schedules where they are privy to every building schedule,,
..they likely (and easily could of) did a Nov 2nd 82 game schedule, a Dec 1st schedule, a Dec 15th schedule and Dec 31st schedule, as well as a Mid-Jan schedule - probably the final chance schedule..

I would find it mind-boggling if they didn't..

Of course admitting to such a thing, people would jump on Bettman for lying by stating he hasn't contemplated a drop dead date.. but here's the thing... he doesn't have to contemplate a drop dead date because the schedule and calender dictates it for him.
WE could use common sense to figure that out.. well.. the media already has anyway.

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