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Originally Posted by Renegader View Post
I still don't see how this proves your point about the goaltending. Charlie had 15 shots against (with all due respect) a not very good Ottawa team who was missing its two best offensive players. Yes the defense was great again but it's unfortunate you're not giving Malcolm a lot of credit that's all.

On a related note, it looks like Malcolm so far has not had a great WJC camp. He'll more than likely still be one of the 3 goalies taken but he may not be the starter anymore. Too bad that a couple of bad days may be the result of this.
Malcolm is absolutely a stud of a goalie and never did I say he wasn't, but every goalie's numbers would benefit greatly from a team and system like George Burnett has in place since it limits actual scoring chances. And if teams want to try and shoot from the perimeter they can do that all night long as it's rare to score from there. My point still is that Defense wins games and the Bulls can play Defense better than any team in the league. I won't get into whether that makes for boring hockey or how it stifles creativity and offense as that's been covered many times. But I do think when you have a goalie like Malcolm you actually can open up the game much more and use your big ice surface, actually allow more creativity and pressure and really have a great game to watch. There's lots of space on that sheet of ice to wheel and play some fast flowing hockey and with a great goalie and a team that still has that much Defensive awareness I think it would work.

As for Malcolm at the WJC, one or two games shouldn't kill him as they all know what he's capable of and done all season long. Add in that he's best suited to play on that big ice surface and won't have to adjust to those angles like the other goalies will and he'll make it.

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