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12-13-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
I don't get it? How much better can he do? He may already be the best player in the OHL.
Let him be the best player in the OHL for more than 25 games is what I am saying.

The list of guys that played at 18 years old and did well is a much nicer list btw.
How many were coming off playing 8 games in the previous season? I've already made it clear that if he had played a full season last year we would not be having this debate because I'd share your view.

Why wait until next fall if he is confident and ready now?
Why not wait 8 months and be certain he's more ready next September? We have far more to lose than to gain here. What's the reward...he puts up a 0.6 PPG in 40-50 games?

It goes much deeper than simply "points", I'd hope. They'll be breaking down every shift at every practice on this kid. They won't mess around with our potential franchise player here. If they let media pressure affect their final decision(which they won't), then they need to be fired yesterday, seriously.
By already stating to the world they pretty don't value the WJC experience THAT much, they are showing that they are willing to take a risk with his development. So yes, there is reason to be concerned that they are not thinking this with the team's long-term interests and Gally's development in mind.

They've also created media pressure by coming out and saying he'd be at camp. Talk radio here has had plenty of Galchenyuk talk since Bergevin said he'd skip the WJC to come to a camp if there is one. The ''average'' fan now expects Galchenyuk to be on the roster.

Well yeah, I'd disagree with that sentiment. Sarnia as a whole just plain sucks against good, structured teams because they play shinny hockey style with stretch and drop passes a la masse. They get picked apart by good forechecking teams. This is another reason why I'd want Gally out of there if he can handle it, I want him to learn a real NHL system.
I know that Sarnia plays pond hockey basically. Since it looks like he won't be traded, Galchenyuk carrying that team and their flaws to the 2nd round would be a very solid accomplishment for his development.

And if he can't do that, there should still be around 10 games left in the Hamilton season by my count.

I just don't think it matters as much as you make it seem.
Fine then. I won't try to convince you otherwise on this point. If you can't see how having control of Galchenyuk's rights from age 19 to 26 > having control of his rights from age 18 to 25, I don't know what to add.

Look no further than their very own Dmitri Kulikov, who played right away, for an example of a guy who had nothing left to learn in junior.
Good example of a kid who, through 3 years of his career, hasn't reached the stardom level people expected. Now why is that? Could it be because he needed more seasoning in the Q? Could it be because he was on a rotten team to start his NHL career?

How many times has there been a lockout that allows a lottery pick the time to prove he is recovered from missing a year? He's top-3 in scoring in the OHL at 18, and could be higher, I think we can forget about the fact he didn't play last year.
It's a unique situation.

Has he recovered? It sure looks like it.

Is it the best thing for his development to throw him into a 40-50 game condensed NHL schedule on a questionable team when he can finish off a brilliant full season in the OHL? I say no.

I don't want to argue predictions, but all I know is that he is probably our most talented forward already. Thrown him on a PP with Markov and Subban, and sky is the limit.
We all know that's unlikely to happen, Therrien has made it clear as day he's keeping the DD line together and they'll obviously be the #1 PP unit.

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