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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Where did I say I don't trust the fellow gm's? It's an idea that I think would be fun and speed up some time issues with different things. A panel of 5-7 outside judge's if you will to vote on seedings, playoffs, acceptable trades etc.... it's not some backdoor dig from me it's a genuine idea. To answer tdmm the HOH board would be my start. Obviously sturm, overpass come. To mind. You don't think we could find 3-5 posters who would fit the bill, or a gm or two who would rather be a panel member then draft a team.

Bm67, hockeyoutsider. Posters like them.
I wouldn't feel comfortable voting in the current AAA draft because I haven't been following it. Sure, I assassinated a few teams, but that was just by skimming linked profiles - I really don't know anything about the other teams.

I realize that players in the main ATD are more "known commodities" but not all of them are. Just look at how much Tommy Phillips' stock has risen in the past few drafts - not that long ago, he was considered an acceptable 4th liner. An outsider not following the draft closely wouldn't necessarily be familiar with new arguments.

For your idea to work, you really need 5-7 people who are going to follow the draft closely without having teams and I just don't see that happening.

"Veteran GMs" who haven't participated are welcome to vote if they feel they have been following the draft closely enough, but how many actually do?

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