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Originally Posted by TMLFan7 View Post
Shut up, he had a bad shootout. That's all I've been saying. He did, theres no other way around it. He played bad in the shootout. FACT!!
Firstly, you can't just say "Kane missed the net so Price didn't make a save on that shot".... or "Mueller shot it in the pads so it was an easy save"...... Kane missed the net and Mueller had to shoot it in the pads BECAUSE of Price's positioning. So you have to give as much credit for that as you do to the shooters when they score a pretty goal.

Secondly, in the shootout a goalie's typical save percentage is maybe 7 out of 10 shots. But that doesn't account for the fact that

1. you have the best players in your age group all stacked onto a couple teams so you are basically facing all star shooters the entire time.
2. in the IIHF you are allowed to send your best shooter out time and time again.

Its like this, imagine if you are a goalie in the NHL and you are facing Toews, Datsyuk, and J. Jokinen in the shootout, and then after the first 3 shooters you are facing Datsyuk, Datsyuk, and Datsyuk again. Can you use the same standard to a goalie's performance compared to a regular shootout in this case? NO! The quality of the shooters are much better so as a result the goalie's statistic will obviously suffer! Thats why a goalie's play is all relative! You can't just say oh he only stopped 3 of 7 so he played poorly! Because what is to say the other goalies in the competition would have done better???? Clearly Frazee couldn't have.

Like I said, your play as a goalie is only relative to the guy 200 feet away from you. As long as you let in less goals than your counterpart, then you have done your job.

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