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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Revenue sharing or moving the franchises could solve that problem. Why does it have to be done on the backs of the players when the Leafs are a billion dollar team?

The rich owners make money year after year after year. The 4th liner who plays a few seasons might make some decent money but not enough to retire off of.

The owners complain about the stupid contracts? They are the ones who sign these checks. They're the ones who were giving out stupid contracts before the cap came. And they're the ones who signed contracts designed to circumvent the very same cap they shoved down the players' throats. Some teams out there are making STUPID money year after year icing crappy teams. The owners have gotten controls in place to protect themselves... There is a cap in place, just stop signing 30 year stupid deals and the problem goes away...

And yes, some of the poor franchises could be subsidised... but why they hell aren't they getting more subsidy from the Leafs? Why do it off the backs of the players?

Like I said, last time around I was on the side of the owners but they got what they wanted last time and rammed a cap down the players throats... Now they're back crying for more while clubs like the Leafs do boffo business while icing a bunch of crap.

Bettman starts negotiating from the standpoint of players going from 57% to 43% and then wonders why we're in the situation that we're in? C'mon man.

It's absolutely ridiculous that we're in this situation... AGAIN. And if the league misses another season back to back with expired contracts it will be a huge embarrassment for the league. Bettman has got to stop being such a dumbass about everything.

And as an aside - wtf was Bettman thinking putting these expansion teams in the Southern US? It's pretty easy to see that this was a mistake (his mistake) and now he's making the players pay for it. The NHL overexpanded in my opinion and would've been doing a lot better otherwise. Maybe it's time to realize that hockey doesn't fly in certain markets and to move them back up North. That alone would solve a ton of problems.
I keep hearing this and it's crap. Yes it's the owners that sign ridiculous contracts but the teams signing huge contracs taht are frontloaded and have big bonus money up front are not the ones suffering...they can't get together and not offer big contracts as this would be collusion. Somebody with a baseball avatar should know that MLB was sued and lost big in the 1990's collusion cases.

In terms of Southern US Expansion, in order to expand the footprint you have to expand geographically. It's easy to say move the southern teams up North but where are they going to play? Hamilton and Quebec are not excatly great markets, Quebec has no rink and a small population(relatively speaking) and Hamilton has a 15k rink and ****** fan support for AHL. Seattle also would need a rink.

If you want big US dollars and a major TV deal you have to be further south than Washington St Louis and Detroit.

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