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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
I meant Junior C, B, and A which is what we have at my rink... but I didn't mean to limit it to that. We have goalies getting a 1/4" cut anywhere from Bantams up to Jr. A/Men's League/High Schoolers. This goes for players as well.

My proshop is inside an ice rink so maybe that's why I see more varied approaches to skate hollows that TieClark does?
No I'm in the rink as well... That level is play isn't the normal level though. Mostly beer leaguers and young kids with a few practices for high level kids

Originally Posted by Beville View Post
If I took my skates into your shop, and found you were wasting MY steel because you're too impatient to check...

I'd be p****d off with you...
You'd be pissed off with nearly every skate sharpening store in the GTA then. Fwiw I'm the most experienced sharpener at my rink with people who come in only when I'm there so it's not as if I'm new to this.

Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
I skip cross-grinding unless the skates are either new, extremely rusty, severely nicked up, or the edges are so uneven that it would be quicker and more efficient to just cross-grind them first... otherwise I'm just going with the regular grinding stone from the start. FWIW I've been doing this for 10 years (And I'm only 23 now lol) so I've kind of got the way I do it down to a science.

You definitely don't have to cross-grind every skate you get and it's not really needed unless the blades are severely screwed. With the amount of skates that we do here, cross-grinding each pair would hold the line up.
No you don't have to cross grind every skate. My point was the opposite of your last sentence. IMO it drastically saves time to simply cross grind and start fresh on every skate. In order to get through the amount of sharpens that come into a busy establishment you have to be quick while also providing quality sharpens and cross grinding allows for that.

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