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12-13-2012, 02:27 PM
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REBUILDING with intelligence!

Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
Agree. His plan all along has been to build a program that will compete over the long term, not just peak for a year and scrape along for three. Given time and resources, you'll see this team contend, perhaps not for 1-2, but certainly with the Monctons and UPEIs and Xs, etc. for 3-6, and compete every night
Coach Ryan et al after 9 +.years of inadequate leadership is slowly putting aspects of a competitive/playoff bound team in place and is resisting the temptations of just adding players.
I have every confidence that his 3rd year of the rebuilding plan will have the Mens Tommies in contention and respectability once again.
This turnaround has been accomplished under very difficult circumstances as the author of "that.mess" for.9 1/2 years still occupies the A/D position.

Imagine,if you will,what the addition of some top 6 snipers will do for this team of dedicated, all in soldiers(Tommies).

Top goalie Groenhyde has shone under fire and next year's version of Tommies will shine and good bye to all those who think otherwise.


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