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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Where are you working that you're doing 100 sharpenings in such a "limited time?"

Look, we're obviously not going to change your mind since you work in the largest hockey area in the world and obviously know better than anyone else, however, you dont even want to think about the idea you could be wrong when you're the only one on here stating what you're stating and there are a bunch of other knowledgeable people here stating otherwise? Even when I "know" I'm right, when I start to face 3 or 4 others saying I'm not, I will start to consider the possibility I might be wrong.
I work at a rink in the GTA. When you have 4 rinks full from 8am to 11 pm you can imagine the sharpens that come in.

You also have people on here trying to state that a 1/4" cut is normal for a goalie. I think people are looking at this from a standpoint of doing their own skates are home or in a small mom and pop shop compared to a business that is full constantly. Ideally you'd like to be able to take your time, level the blade before and after sharpening, ensure all the rivets and what not and secured etc. but that isn't realistic when there are a dozen skates waiting to be sharpened.

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