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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Even if a CBA would have been signed, the entire schedule would have had to be redone anyway, so they would have just not scheduled a game in NY on that day.
Exactly what I was about to post the moment they started cancelling games the old schedule went by the window. The Rangers would have just played on the road yesterday.

Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
Why not? In today's day and age, you have teams submit their arena availability, and let a computer figure out some possible schedules based on various criteria and logarithms, and let the league look through the generated schedules to verify that one will work. If the league needs a schedule pronto, I have no doubt they could come up with one in a week. You haven't given any concrete reason they couldn't, and shy of an intimate knowledge of the process, I really doubt you can.
I think that all the league really need to come up with a schedule is 24 hours. They get updated well in advance of all booking and all teams are told to leave enough dates open so the main variable will be travel arrangement for Refs and league officials. The TV networks would likely need more time than the league anyway.

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