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12-13-2012, 02:39 PM
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There was a perfectly good thread just below..

Of those incidents two were on people "hearing" abuse. You can't prosecute someone on hearsay unless you know who it is. It's also not in the jurisdiction of the FA to ban the club or fine them, they pass it onto the police and let them go after the individual. They only go after the club if there's a group that cause offence.

Onto the incidents at hand:

Millwall fan banned for unfurling racist banner

Swansea fan arrested for racist chant

FA investigating West Ham chants

Haven't got a link but the fan was banned at Manchester City for throwing the coin and invading the pitch, not sure if it was the same person who was being racist.

The Police dropped charges against the Chelsea fan but he has been banned for a period of time I think.

One thing in common is that the majority of cases are looked at the by the police not the FA. If it involves players being racist then the FA get's involved as seen with the Suarez and Terry cases.

So, in short, they're doing a heck of a lot more than UEFA. Terry was fined 220k and banned for four games.

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