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12-13-2012, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
Lots of news out about yesterday from a players standpoint but the most important stuff is that the players do actually believe that they are close to a decision. A few also feel that GaryB and the few teams that run the league haven't made any concessions at all throughout the process and that if they do in a few small ways that this will all be over with quickly.

Both sides have been making "were getting closer" noises, how close is the question and does it matter too.

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Its a real who's who of who is and isn't there. I guess.

The players have been told that they won't get a better offer (arent likely to) and are meeting like they believe it and the league has sent its lawyers to the meeting(s). Could be working in the positive or just getting clarification on things.
Whoa, I just read bolded part again.

So in essence they want just some itsy-bitsy changes from the League so they go home only crying and not balling their eyes out? Is it really about a modicum of pride at this point?

I mean seriously...what "few small ways" are they looking for? If they are willing to accept the fact that the league isn't going to give in and would just as well not play this season, why can't the players call the owners' bluff and say "we accept."

Now THAT would be fun to watch the owners' reactions.

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