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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Did you miss the part where it was pointed out that revenue sharing IS being increased by a larger margin than the rollback players were asked to take? I take it the answer is "yes", so I hope you read this post.

SOME of the rich owners make money year after year. Some of them LOSE money with their franchises, year after year. That 4th liner is getting very well paid to do his job, he is ot getting slave wages. Since when is getting $550 000 a horrible thing deserving of such sympathy? Let that 4th liner recognize that he needs to be intelligent with his funds in order to be able to set himself up in some other career, or even save enough to cover manageable bills so that he CAN go back to school for some degree that will enable him to live a decent life in the real world. Why is it that there are people on here that think these players do so much that they deserve to make enough money to retire comfortably after a 3-12 year career in their chosen profession?

Stopping "dumb" owners from signing stupid contracts it what this negotiation is all about. Just because a couple of GMs are willig to toss their owners' money around like idiots doesn't mean all of them are that stupid. The problem is with the handful who ARE that stupid. If there is nothing in pace in the CBA to prevent such stupidity, the players can sue the league for collusion if suddenly the agent can not find anyone willing to offer a "fair" contract for that player. We saw what collusion charges did to baseball, the NHL owners do not want that problem, so they want to have a contract limitation added to the CBA to prevent stupid GMs from damaging the league with idiotic contracts like we saw Luongo, Yashin, DiPietro, Kovalchuk et al get.

The poor franchises ARE getting subsidized by the owners, and are going to be getting more under the new CBA. The players are being asked to split the HRR pie in a fair 50/50 split to ALSO help those weaker teams since it benefits the players to not have contraction just as much as it benefits the owners.

The cap that was "rammed" down the players' throat has been so devastating that the players' salaries have increased 63.5% over the duration of the last CBA! Man, it must suck to see salaries raise by such a minimal amount...The owners DID get some of wha what they wanted last time, but it is quite clear that they truly believe they are entitled to make 50% of the HRR in the very business that they pay every single related cost in. They each bring as much value to the game as the players, albeit in a different manner, and should be able to get an equal share of the HRR. That is why they are complaining. Heck, the richer owners actually get less than the share they deserve because they have revenue sharing. I don't see Ovechkin sharing his salary with that poor 4th liner who isn't going to make enough to retire. Should the owners ask the players to engage in some revenue sharing so that the poor 4th liner can have an easier opportunity to retire when he can no longer play?

Bettman started nogotiations with the same "insulting" offer that the owners have been living under for 7 years believing the players would make a counter offer. That is what you do in negotiations. The players actually refused to even make a counter offer to the original proposal. THAT is why we are where we are. Heck, even the last offer from the owners to the players seemed to be one that the players were interested in until Fehr came along and said "no" without even bringing the offer to the union to vote on. THAT is why we are where we are.

It IS ridiculous that we are in this situation---AGAIN. It might have been far better for the players to start negotiating with the NHL las year like the owners wanted to do, rather than choosing to wait until this summer to "begin" negotiations.
Great post and obviously written by someone who knows a thing or two about how a business is run. Kudos to you sir.

Although the owners share some of the blame, I have little to no sympathy for the players in this battle.

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